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DEMA Pro Scentnal 259CT Spray Electric, 17 Ounce (502.8 ml) per Minute Pump Output


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DEMA Pro Scentnal Spray Electric, 17 Ounce (502.8 ml) per Minute Pump Output, Upto 2 Feeds Per Hour and per 48 Hour Period, Manual Timer, PVC Tube Option

DEMA's drain and odor control systems have a proven track record second to none. Built using the proven Viking drain systems or Olympian pump platform, these systems deliver exceptional reliability, durability and value. And the broad offering adds flexibility to meet most any need. Choose between systems to meet small space, large or small chemical output, spray or dosing and plug or battery power options.

- Splash resistant ABS enclosures
- Electronic timer for Squirt & Drain Chief and mechanical timer for Pro Scentnal
- Multiple tube options include EPDM, viton, silicone and PVC to handle virtually any chemical
- Squirt and Drain chief available with 12v plug-in trans
  • Model: 259CT

DEMA Pro Scentnal 259CT Spray Electric, 17 Ounce (502.8 ml) per Minute Pump Output

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