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Knight T-51E Elastic (KP-500) tube, 11" cut, 1/8" i.d.


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Product Description

Knight T-51E Elastic (KP-500) Tube, 11" Cut, 1/8" i.d.
Part Number: 7018021
Dimensions: ID 2.4 x OD 13.2 mm
Roller Block Compatibility: RB-551

The EPDM tube is resilient with excellent memory
and field proven mechanical reliability. Compatible
with weak to strong corrosive solutions including:
Alkalis, Builders, Breaks, Surfactants, Detergent compounds,
Chlorine, Iron Sours, weak to medium Acids, and Rinse Agents.

Not suitable for oils and hydrocarbons
  • Model: 7018021
  • FLS

Knight T-51E Elastic (KP-500) tube, 11" cut, 1/8" i.d.