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SO SOFTEE Laundry Softener, 5 gal pail


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Laundry Softener, 5 gal pail

***Product can have a 1-3 day handling time***

So Softee is a concentrated liquid fabric softener for use in automatic injection laundry systems. Helps to provide soft and silky linens. Helps in reducing extraction time. Reduces static cling. Pleasantly scented.

Automatic injection systems liquid Fabric softener. Pleasant fragrance to freshen laundry. Controls static electricity and static cling in garments. Provides soft and silky linens while reducing extraction time.

Form . Liquid
Color . Light Blue, Opaque
Scent . Pleasant
pH (1% solution) . 6.0-8.0
Water . 7732-18-5
Isopropanol . 67-63-0
Methyl Bis-2-Hydroxylethyl ammonium methyl Sulfate . 68410-69-5
  • Model: F8865
  • FLS

SO SOFTEE Laundry Softener, 5 gal pail

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