Standard Dog Waste Station, MittN Bag, Square Can, Green


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Standard Dog Waste Station, MittN Bag Square Can, Green

Our Standard Stations are the best solution for pet waste management. Choose Bag Type, Waste Can, and Color.

Stations Include Everything:
Sign- aluminum, high visibility
Post- same steel commercial, square post used by municipalities
Post- aluminum,with 2 keys
Trash Can- aluminum, with lid and can clamps
Bags- 400 waste bags & 25 Can Liners
Hardware and Installation Instructions- included

Choose Bag Style:
- Roll Bags: Standard, 8"x13" bags on a roll
- ONEpul Bags: Bags on a header card with pull strap limiting dispensing to 1 bag per pull
- MittN Bags: Thickest bags, with gusset, to create hand pouch
- Tie-Handle Roll Bags: On a Roll, with 'handles' that make it easy to tie the bag closed
- Tissue-Style Bags: Bag with 'tie-handles' in packets dispensed 'tissue' style
- EZ-TIE Hanging Bags: Tie-Handle bags hang from a center tab on single prong
- Color: Matte Green

Choose Can Type: Round Ventilated Mesh or Square Solid
  • Model: NBPWP D029-GRN

Standard Dog Waste Station, MittN Bag, Square Can, Green

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