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Niacet Niaproof 08 - 2400 lb Tote


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Niacet Niaproof 08 - 2400 lb Tote

Niaproof Anionic Surfactant 08 (NAS08) is a common ingredient in a variety of applications. Ideal even for hot alkaline or hot acid solutions, Niaproof surfactants work well in the strongest acids, salt solutions, alkalies, and for oxidizing systems. Versatile Niaproof surfactants offer high solubilizing power in electrolytes, plus all the wetting, dispersing, penetrating, spreading, emulsifying and detergent properties you need.

Niaproof Anionic Surfactant 08 is a unique ingredient in the formulation of offset printing fountain solutions. In Photography, it is used in the phot- finishing processes. For Molding it decreases mulling time and provides more uniform sized sand for use in casting molds and cores.

Niaproof Anionic Surfactant 08 is used t- speed the peeling of fruits while removing field soil and micr- organisms. In Pickling applications, it reduces the amount of acid required for pickling while decreasing pickling time and providing a more uniform pickling solution. Agricultural Uses include a coupling agent for inorganic salts used in produce washing solutions.

Niaproof Anionic Surfactant 08 is used in Textile Processing / Bleaching because it provides stability in the presence of concentrated bleaching powder solutions. It als- promotes extremely rapid mercerization of grey cotton goods while withstanding the rigorous treatment encountered in concentrated mercerizing liquors.

Niaproof Anionic Surfactant 08 is used in Household & Industrial Cleaners and Wallpaper Penetrant t- eliminate much of the work involved in scrubbing or wallpaper removal. In Metal Processing / Cleaning applications it is coupled with alkali, produces a surface cleaner that works more rapidly than alkali alone, providing a thoroughly clean surface suitable for plating or spraying. It is used in High Mineral Acid Cleaners t- clean calcium and iron salts found in dairy production. In Electrolytic Cleaning, it decreases the surface tension of the electrolytic solution t- allow for the release of the hydrogen byproduct. In Plating applications, it eliminates impurity pitting by dissolving without haze while decreasing the surface tension of the bath.

For Carpet Cleaning Niaproof Anionic Surfactant 08 is used because it does not resoil carpets like lauryl sulfates do. It can be used at 10% in the concentrate, diluted 20 t- 1.

Niaproof Surfactant 08 is registered by NSF as a CleanGredients with USEPA approval.
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Niacet Niaproof 08 - 2400 lb Tote

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