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AMMEX Gloveworks HD Black Nitrile - XX Large


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AMMEX Gloveworks HD Black Nitrile - XX Large Case of 10 boxes (1000 gloves)

Our new Gloveworks Heavy Duty Black Nitrile is designed to meet the market demand for 6mil black nitrile gloves with the added benefit of raised diamond texture. We have increased the weight of GlovePlus Black, and we have added the diamond texture of the Gloveworks Orange Nitrile to make the ultimate 6mil black nitrile glove in the market. Now, you have a glove in your line up that can compete with glove brands like the Raven and the Black Lightening with a clear selling advantage of our raised diamond texture.

Combines an aggressive diamond texture with the enhanced dexterity of a lighter weight glove.

Product Codes:

GWBN44100 Med
GWBN46100 Large
GWBN48100 Extra Large
GWBN49100 Extra Extra Large
Material: Nitrile
Grade: Industrial
P/PF: Powder Free
Quality: Premium HD
Color: Black
Size Range: M-XXL
Gloves Per Box: 100
Boxes Per Case: 10
Count Per Case: 1000
  • Model: GWBN49100
  • FLS

AMMEX Gloveworks HD Black Nitrile - XX Large

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