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DEMA Brass Manifold Valves, Metering, 1/4" NPT Four Station with Spade Coil


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DEMA Brass Manifold Valves, Metering, 1/4" NPT Four Station with Spade Coil

DEMA's direct acting manifold valves are available in single and from 2-5 station manifolds, designed for 1/8-1/4" pipes, have 1/8" orifices , stainless steel bodies and Buna N, Viton or EPDM seals. Manifolds are made from solid brass or stainless steel block and have a common inlet port for chemical supply to all valves on both ends. With direct acting valves, the stem and plunger assembly opens the port of the valve directly and requires no minimum pressure to operate.
- Application: water, air, light oil, noncorrosive and non-explosive liquids
- Metering screw available on 1/4" NPT models
- Rated for 200
  • Model: 492M4M.8.3

DEMA Brass Manifold Valves, Metering, 1/4" NPT Four Station with Spade Coil

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