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Premium Meltdown Mats Hazmat- Universal Absorbent, 15" x 19" pallet of 3000


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Premium Meltdown Mats Hazmat- meltdown polypropylene, Pack ct: 100, Pallet: 30 packs - Oil-only meltblown polypropylene is highly absorbent. These mats are perforated for the purpose of minimizing waste. The bond points tie-down loose fibers, and the open fiber construction allows higher viscosity fluids to saturate the sorbent quickly. Our meltblown products absorb hydrocarbon-based fluids (oil, diesel, gasoline, etc) and repel water, so they are great for cleaning marine-based oil spills. 15" x 19" / 38.1cm x 48.3cm, 12.1 lbs / 5.5 kg, absorption: 29 gallons / 110 liters, yellow
  • Model: YM1518-100P
  • FLS

Premium Meltdown Mats Hazmat- Universal Absorbent, 15" x 19" pallet of 3000

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