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Oil Absorbent Booms

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Oil Absorbent Booms

Contain or dam large spills, or still flowing liquids, using these snag resistant booms. They are designed to absorb oil, gasoline, grease, syrup, acid, solvents, and hazardous waste; floating indefinitely when fully saturated. These items are typically linked together or placed at the base of doorways to prevent seepage. Surround or barricade the desired area and allow product to absorb fluid. Dispose of used product in compliance with all local and national regulations. Personal Protective Equipment is recommended.

This item is tailored for use in shipyards, warehouses, canning plants, packaging plants, textile mills, garages, repair shops, and bus barns. Store in a dry area.

5" diameter x 10' length, 4 booms per bail, 28 lbs per bail

4 booms per bail
20 bails per pallet
  • Model: AS G510
  • FLS

Oil Absorbent Booms

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