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RecycLock Safety Padlock, Keyed Different, 3" Shackle, 1-3/4" Body, Red


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Product Description

RecycLock Padlock is keyed different and includes one key that is unique and can only be used with that padlock. Padlock features a solid aluminum body with fully insulated protective covering for increased safety and corrosion resistance. Precision 6-pin cylinder has key-retaining and auto-locking functions. Lock is made from high quality 70% recycled materials that is UL Validated for recycled content which substantiates material compliance with various green codes, standards, and procurement policies including the LEED Green Building Rating System, IgCC, GSA Advantage, ASHRAE 189.1 and others. Padlock contains no PVC and uses food industry approved lubricants. Lock body is red with trilingual label and measures 1-3/4" Length x 1-1/2" Wide. Steel shackle measures 3" Length x 1/4" dia.

- Made from 70% recycled materials
- Solid aluminum body and steel shackle are covered with plastic for corrosion resistance
- Retains key until locked, to ensure padlock is not left unlocked
- Includes "DANGER: Locked Out Do Not Remove" label

Qty per unit: 1
  • Model: ZING 7046

RecycLock Safety Padlock, Keyed Different, 3" Shackle, 1-3/4" Body, Red

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