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Crown Imperial Pet Waste Station

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Crown Products Imperial Pet Waste Station

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Our #1 Seller! Ideal for any outdoor area. Provides an economical and convenient way for dog owners in communities and parks to clean up after their dog.

Station kit includes:

- locking galvanized, powder coated steel dispenser
- 10 gallon waste receptacle with lid
- 8 ft. channel post (in two 4 ft. sections),
- one 12"x18" powder coated steel sign "Clean Up After Your Pet"
- 2 rolls of 400 lemon scented tie-handle bags (800 bags total).

Bags are biodegradable. Mounting hardware and instructions included.

Use SD-6-400 Poopy Pouch waste bags (rolls) with this waste station.
  • Model: PP-SD-01-2R400

Crown Imperial Pet Waste Station

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