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Luxor Black Endura Presentation Cart


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Luxor's LPLDUO Presentation stations have shelves and legs made from high density polyethylene structural foam molded plastic. Features:
Integral safety push handle which is molded into top shelf for sturdy grip.
Molded plastic shelves and legs won't stain, scratch, dent or rust.
1/4" retaining lip and sure grip safety pads.
"Cable track" cord management system keeps cords neatly secured. Cabling hold in top shelf with cord guide cover. 4" ball bearing casters, two with locking brake.
Multiple legs included to make different height options.
This LPLDUOE has three shelves 32"W x 24"D x 27 -54"H.
3 outlet, 15' surge suppressing electric assembly height options with multiple legs included.
Lifetime Warranty. Easy assembly. Made in USA.
  • Model: LPLDUOE-B

Luxor Black Endura Presentation Cart

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