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SEKO ProSpray 1 Product


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Product Description

SEKO ProSpray 1 Product

The ProSpray cleaning and sanitation system
automatically dilutes and dispenses concentrated
cleaning products as a foam or spray. The spray system
is easily and quickly converted into a foam system with
the quick coupling foam wand.
- Strong, long lasting and easy to clean rugged
stainless steel enclosure
- Smooth and ergonomic surface, with no sharp
- Connection direct to the water source, no electric
power or compressed air needed
- Space saving
- Quick and easy installation: no special tools

Spraying/foaming chemical proportioning system.
- Surface cleaning units
- Fully interchangable pipe and venturi
- Manual ball valve activation

Prospray 1 product + rinse
Flow rate 3.5 GPM
  • Model: 1P PSPB116U1000

SEKO ProSpray 1 Product