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18" Red Durastran Bristle Push Broom, case of 12


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Product Description

18" Red Durastran Bristle Push Broom, case of 12

Sweep your floor with this crimped fiber brush to remove dirt and soil buildup. 18" Red Durastran Bristle Push Broom is inert to alkalis, detergents, and some acids. It is built on a hardwood block and is perfect for most cleanup jobs. Store broom in a dry area after use to ensure maximum performance. Depending upon the type of soil or debris being handled, Personal Protective Equipment may be required.

Ideal for heavy sweeping tasks; use for a wide range of wet or dry applications.

This product is premium quality, and able to meet the rigorous demands of tough environments including shipyards, warehouses, parking areas, garages, semi-trailers, cargo containers, repair shops, office buildings, and homes.

18" Red Durastran Bristle Push Broom is sold in individual or case quantities. It accepts a threaded handle-sold separately.

Broom specifications:
3" bristles | Red | Heavy duty - solvent resistant for rough use

1 each
12/1 (case)
  • Model: BRU 2RD18
  • FLS

18" Red Durastran Bristle Push Broom, case of 12

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