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9 oz. Big Blue Toilet Water, case of 12, 9oz.


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Product Description

9 oz. Big Blue Toilet Water

Deodorize and clean porcelain stool fixtures, such as those found in restrooms, with 9oz Big Blue Toilet Water. This product cleans and eliminates odors with every flush, tinting the water blue so you know it is working. It should be placed within the tank of a stool, and replaced when the water turns clear. Personal Protective Equipment is recommended while handling this product.

9oz Big Blue Toilet Water is ideal for use in stools. Typical environments for this item include restaurants, shopping malls, warehouses, churches, schools, office buildings, shipyards, manufacturing plants, and other facilities where restrooms are available for use by the public.

12/1 (case)

  • Model: DEO BW
  • FLS

9 oz. Big Blue Toilet Water, case of 12, 9oz.

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