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Eco Choice Urinal Mat, case of 6


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Product Description

Urinal Mat "Eco Choice", case of 6

Protect grout and floor surfaces with this replaceable mat. Biodegradable Urinal Mat conveniently sits underneath a urinal, catching and neutralizing urine. This product eliminates odors by preventing urine from penetrating grout lines, gathering in corners, or seeping under VCT tile squares. Replace this item as part of a regular cleaning maintenance program, or when heavily soiled. Personal Protective Equipment is recommended while handling this product.

Eco Choice Urinal Mat is ideal for use under urinals. Typical environments for this item include restaurants, shopping malls, warehouses, churches, schools, office buildings, shipyards, manufacturing plants, and other facilities where restrooms are available for use by the public.

  • Model: TOL 220206
  • FLS

Eco Choice Urinal Mat, case of 6

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