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Stainless Horizontal Soap Dispenser 40 oz


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Stainless Horizontal Soap Dispenser 40oz

Dispense liquid hand soap using this refillable, manual stainless steel dispenser. This product is a gravity fed dispenser that releases soap when the lever is pushed inward. Manufactured with a chrome cover and sight bubble, this dispenser allows for quick check maintenance of soap levels without having to open the dispenser. It should be refilled once all soap has been emptied. Occasional cleaning is recommended.

This item is tailored for use in warehouses, shipyards, repair shops, garages, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools, and homes. It is sold in individual quantities.

Bulk soap is a cost effective option for consumers because the soap cartridge is refillable, and each gallon of bulk soap will fill 3-4 dispensers depending upon size and style. However, care should be taken to match any bulk soap product with a corresponding dispenser.

Stainless Horizontal Soap Dispenser 40oz should be used in conjunction with bulk liquid hand soaps such as those manufactured by Snee Chemical Company.

1 each
  • Model: CON 0333H
  • FLS

Stainless Horizontal Soap Dispenser 40 oz

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