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Fresh Zone Sodium Bisulfite 19 oz


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Product Description

Fresh Zone Sodium Bisulfite, 19 oz, Plastic Container

Made in the USA.

Our Sodium Bisulfite is 99.99% pure, as graded by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is also NSF and ISO Certified.

Sodium Bisulfite comes in powdered form. This product is commonly used as a preservative in raw shrimp, fruit canning, wine, and beer making. Do NOT use in powdered form.

For use in preserving shrimp, this white powder prevents the breakdown of tyrosine by the copper-containing enzyme, tyrosinase, which produces black spots on raw shrimp. It should be mixed with water at a strength not exceeding 1.25% solution. Shrimpers are encouraged to use this product as a dip and to drain shrimp well. Never apply dry powder directly to shrimp.

Please do not confuse this product with sodium bisulfate that is used in swimming pools.

There are dangers associated with using this product:
1) In it's powdered form it is an irritant. It is recommended to use personal protective equipment such as a dust mask when using this product in powdered form.
2) Once mixed with water, it releases a gas that is poisonous. Use only in well-ventilated areas.

Phosphate free

pH: 4.3 of 1% aqueous solution
SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 82 lb. / cu. ft.
COLOR: White powder
ODOR: Sulfurous

For shrimp: 3.25 lbs powder for every 30 gal cool to warm water (1.25% solution)
  • Model: FZ 19
  • FLS

Fresh Zone Sodium Bisulfite 19 oz

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