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SEKO Tekna TCK 803, Digital Model with FPM Seal


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Product Description

SEKO Tekna TCK 803, Digital Model with FPM Seal

- Digital dosing pump with constant flow rate or
timed with a weekly timer to program at
maximum ten feed times.
Programmable timed relay by activation of a
dry contact
- Fast extractable electric connections
protected by a lid.
- 803 Hydraulics
- Stroke Frequency: 300 stroke/min
- Seal: FPM
- Pump head & Connections: PVDF
- Balls: Ceramic
- Diaphragm: PTFE
- Power supply standard: multivoltage 100 divided by 240 Vac 50-60 Hz.
- Complete installation kit composed by: foot filter, injection valve, screws and fixing bracket.
- PVC suction tube, PE delivery tube.
- PTFE diaphgram. Standard pump head in PVDF.
- Manual priming valve.
- Case made in PP reinforced with fiber glass. IP65 rated.
  • Model: SEKO Tekna TCK.803.N.H.H.0.000

SEKO Tekna TCK 803, Digital Model with FPM Seal

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