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7211 Stem Shield Valve Protective Cover, fits 10-12 In. Valve Stems


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Product Description

Shield protective valve coverings provide a simple, cost-effective safeguard against injuries sustained when workers bump, graze, or ram into stems that project from industrial valves. Stem Shield protective valve covering is ideal for any facility utilizing manual valves that stick out into walkways, work areas and any traffic areas to eliminate the risk of worker injury. Protective valve coverings are cylinders, made to complement the shape of traditional valve stems and to slide with the wheel when in operation.

This unique protective valve covering provides three forms of protection when installed on valve stems to include:
1. Worker Protection: Workers are protected from injuries associated with exposed valve stems (cuts, gouges broken ribs, concussions, facial trauma, impalement, etc.). Bright colored stem covers also raise awareness of hazard potential in that area.
2. Valve Protection: The stems are protected from thread damage and from workplace elements such as corrosion and over sprays. Stem Shield also helps prevent yoke contamination ensuring your valve will operate correctly when the time comes.
3. Lubricant Protection: The lubrication needed to keep stems operational is protected from the elements and debris, like dirt, which causes wheels to tighten up and become difficult to turn. Lubricant runoff is also eliminated.

Stem Shield covers are lightweight, durable and designed to fit length and diameter of 95% of all industrial stems. Stem Shield is quick and easy to install and does not interfere with valve operation. Stem Shield is constructed utilizing stainless steel attachments and chemically resistant, waterproof, flexible rubber foam cushioning that resist damage, high temperatures, and element erosion. Valve coverings cannot accidently be dislodged and provide long-term safety insurance against worker injury. Valve Stem 7211 fits 10-12 inch valve stems and is Made in the USA.

- Provides worker protection from injuries associated with exposed valve stems.
- Protects valve from thread damage caused by workplace elements; ensuring the valve is operational at all times
- Provides lubricant protection from dirt and debris which can cause wheels to tighten up; ensuring the valve is operational at all times.
- Quick and easy to install and does not interfere with valve operation

Qty per unit: 1
  • Model: ZING 7211

7211 Stem Shield Valve Protective Cover, fits 10-12 In. Valve Stems

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