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Swing Top Trash Can Lid, Brown


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Swing Top Trash Can Lid, Brown

Top your garbage or debris with this durable plastic receptacle lid manufactured to resist both abuse and weather conditions. Swing Top Trash Can Lid is typically placed indoors or outdoors in designated trash corrals, near doorways, or in heavy waste producing areas. Designed to work with a trash receptacle (sold separately,) this lid is a great addition to any building and grounds maintenance program. Receptacles should be monitored and emptied on a regular basis, and cleaned as appropriate. This item is durable enough to handle a wide variety of garbage and slop, and it is designed to swing open and shut as trash enters to better control odor and overall aesthetics within a room.

This product is tailored for use in shipyards, warehouses, farms, repair shops, shopping centers, schools, restaurants, cafes, manufacturing facilities, processing plants, office buildings, and homes. Swing Top Trash Can Lid is sold in individual quantities.

Plastic | Fits 25 and 32 gal | 16-1/2" x 16-1/2" x 7-7/8" | Receptacle sold separately

Colors available:

All cans and lids sold separately.
  • Model: CON 1600BR
  • FLS

Swing Top Trash Can Lid, Brown

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