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C-20 Funnel Cup Toilet Plunger

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Product Description

C-20 Funnel Cup Toilet Plunger (Stick is included)

Cleanup or prevent a mess using this black plunger. C-20 Funnel Cup Toilet Plunger is a great addition to any restroom and can be stored next to bathroom stools for quick access. It should be used when bathroom stools plug or overflow, simply align the plunger cup over the bowl drain and press down to create suction action. Then, pull the plunger away from the drain and repeat as necessary. It should be rinsed and disinfected after use to prevent the spread of germs and disease, and replaced as part of a regular maintenance program; or when wear and tear becomes noticeable. Personal Protective Equipment should be worn when using this item.

C-20 Funnel Cup Toilet Plunger is tailored for use in office buildings, hospitals, schools, homes, public buildings, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, processing plants, shipyards, and retail locations. It is available for purchase in individual quantities.

1 each
12 per case
  • Model: KIR 2

C-20 Funnel Cup Toilet Plunger

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