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AMMEX Stretch Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves - Large


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Product Description

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Case of 10 boxes, 100 gloves per box.

AMMEX Stretch Synthetic Vinyl Exam glove is an exam grade disposable glove with benefits and features that make this glove ideal for medical, dental, childcare and senior care. It looks and feels like a latex glove, but is made from stretch synthetic vinyl. Not only is this glove more elastic than a standard vinyl glove, but the enhanced flexibility will minimize the strain on the muscles in your hand while you're working. Vinyl gloves contain no latex proteins, and with stretch synthetic vinyl you can enjoy all of the fit, feel, and tactile sensitivity of a latex glove without worrying about latex allergies. And the inside of the glove is polymer coated to make it easy to don, or remove when you need a fresh glove.

Product Brief
Premium vinyl exam gloves formulated to fit and feel like latex.

Product Codes:

VSPF42100 Small
VSPF44100 Medium
VSPF46100 Large
VSPF48100 Extra Large
Material: Stretch Vinyl
Grade: Exam
P/PF: Powder Free
Quality: Premium
Color: Ivory
Size Range: S-XL
Gloves Per Box: 100 pair
Boxes Per Case: 10
Count Per Case: 1000


Beaded Cuff
Polymer Coated
Latex Free
  • Model: VSPF46100

AMMEX Stretch Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves - Large

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