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3' x 5' Red Grease Proof Mat


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3' x 5' Red Grease Proof Mat

Typically used in restaurants, this grease proof mat reduces safety risks and keeps its traction properties even when wet or soiled. Flow-through eyelets allow grease, oil, and debris to drain beneath the foot contact area, thus preventing slips and falls. With this in mind, and unlike other mats, the floor beneath deck mats should be cleaned frequently by quickly removing, lifting, or shifting the mat to allow for routine mopping or scrubbing activity; degrease and rinse the mat as appropriate. Use this item in food prep areas, waitress stations, behind the bar, or in dishwashing areas. It is durable and rugged, capable of withstanding long-term abuse in food and manufacturing locations including restaurants, bars, recreational centers, churches, processing plants, schools, and dairies; also greasy environments such as shipyards, warehouses, garages, manufacturing plants, and repair shops.

Matting specifications:
1/2" thick | Red | 3' x 5' | Beveled edges

3' x 5' Red Grease Proof Mat is sold in individual pre-cut quantities.

1 each
  • Model: GC 5
  • FLS

3' x 5' Red Grease Proof Mat

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