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SEKO Drain Series D-MINI


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Product Description

SEKO Drain Series D-MINI

SEKO offers the industry's leading drain enzyme dosing system. Known for reliability and durability, the Drain Series systems are used primarily for grease trap maintenance but are suitable for many other applications, where intermittent, timed dosing operations are needed.
The Drain Series systems automatically meter exact amounts of chemical anytime of the day or night as desired, minimises waste.

Grease Trap & Timed Dosing
- Programmable runtime - Minimum period of 1 second
- Timed Dosing Drain System
- Suitable for enzyme dosing applications, where intermittent time dosing is needed
- Nema 4X degree protection enclosure, Class 2 electrical insulation
- Inlet/outlet connections via 1/4" OD x 0.17" ID flexible tubing with nuts
- Digital timer

Flow rate: 4 oz/min
Pressure: 1.5PSI
Timer: 24 daily dosing operations
Power supply: 100-240VAC
  • Model: D-MINI SKDW0107M3U00

SEKO Drain Series D-MINI

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