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4 oz. Organic Bar Soap - Unscented/Sensitive Skin - Sold by the Case

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4 oz. Organic Bar Soap - Unscented - Sold by the Case - (3.5 in. x 2 in. x 1 in.)

***This product has about a 4-7 day handling time***

Pure soap, plain and simple. This bar has no fragrance and no color. A perfect soap for people who prefer a gentle soap with a good lather in a fragrance-free alternative. Especially helpful for sensitive skin.

Saponified oils of sunflower* and/or safflower*, coconut*, and palm* (with retained glycerin), rosemary extract

*ingredients marked with an asterisk are certified organic

This is bar that should be in every soap line and in every house. There are times when the purest of soaps is exactly what you need, just simple, timeless clean.

Our Sensitive Skin/Unscented is exactly that soap, pure traditional vegetable soap in the tradition of Italian olive oil white soap, the soap that preceded Spanish castile by hundreds of years.

This is the perfect soap for people whose skin won't tolerate commercial skin cleansers, even natural soaps with scenting. For people who can seem to use nothing else, Sensitive Skin/Unscented has frequently been the answer.

Private labeling is available for this product for orders of 360 bars or more. Boxing and ingredient labels are also available for private label orders. Contact Us for more information.

These are 85% Organic Bar Soaps

USDA Organic Definitions
1) "100% Organic"
This means just what the name implies.

2) "Organic"
The term "organic" applies to products that contain a minimum of 95% organic contents by weight. Usually, these are products that contain a small amount of a natural preservative or processing aid that prevents them from reaching the 100% mark. For example, many fixed oils (such as palm and coconut oil) contain a trace amount of citric acid to increase their shelf life. Importantly, these trace ingredients must conform to the USDA's list of approved ingredients that can be used in organic products.

3) "Made with Organic..."
"Made with Organic..." applies to products that contain a minimum of 70% organic content but do not reach the 95% mark. The USDA has determined that 70% is the minimum amount of organic content a product can have and still use the term "organic" in its labeling and marketing. Here, too, a product's ingredients that are not-certified organic must conform with the USDA's list of allowable products.
  • Model: BOT 042

4 oz. Organic Bar Soap - Unscented/Sensitive Skin - Sold by the Case

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