Metered Dispenser 3000


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Metered Dispenser 3000

Dispense product over a 6,000 cubic-foot area using a Metered Dispenser 3000. Enhance your already clean environment using metered air fresheners, or combat insects and pests. Metered Dispenser 3000 has a fully adjustable interval setting with programmable daily start and stop times, usage indicator light, keyless release button for convenient refill, and empty can indicator. This dispenser is made from chemical-resistant plastic, and works with both Air Fresheners and Insecticide Sprays.

Use in hotels, hospitals, offices, motels, nursing homes, restaurants, schools and public buildings. Typical locations: restrooms, hallways, entryways, and garbage areas.

Metered Dispenser 3000 should be used in conjunction with a metered aerosol that automatically dispenses at predetermined intervals. Several air fragrances and insecticides are available.

Model 3000 - 1- to 60-minute adjustable interval with programmable daily start/stop time
Spray counter and weekend-off feature
Usage indicator light
Keyless release button for convenient refill
Chemical-resistant plastic construction
Can-out reminder
Use with SprayScents?? Metered Air Fresheners or Champion Sprayon?? Metered Insecticide Spray

  • Model: CHA 3000

Metered Dispenser 3000

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