Shipping Policies


Expedited Shipping (UPS Next Day Air, Early AM, 2nd Day, 3-Day Select)
VERY IMPORTANT - If you choose an expedited shipping method this does not include any handling time necessary for your order. It only specifies that your order will ship using that UPS method. Email us to find out if your order has a handling time: While some items can ship out same day, others require additional time.

We can NEVER guarantee that you will receive your order by a certain time. The best we can do is estimate when your order will go out and ship via the method you choose. Problems can arise when suppliers get backed up, and when carriers fail to meet their stated times. We can not be responsible for what these 3rd parties do.

Most orders will be shipped within 24-48 hours on business days, Monday through Friday. However, some manufacturers like Knight, Hydro Systems, DEMA, and Alconox require a handling time of up to 3-7 days. Lafferty and Haviland products can sometimes take 7-10 days. Here are some exceptions to our normal shipping times:

1. Check / Money order payment orders will not be shipped until after the check, money order, or wire transfer has cleared the bank. This process can take up to 2 weeks for international checks.
2. Pallet sized orders, custom blends, and 30 & 55 gallon drum orders can sometimes require an additional 3-10 day handling time. Also, some items have notes in their descriptions that warn of additional handling time.
3. If an item is out of stock, it can be refunded or backordered. The customer should be notified if an item is out of stock as soon as we find this information out.
4. Alconox products are usually shipped within 3 days, however there can be additional delays if the factory is backed up or the product is not in stock.
5. Some products have extended handling times, and those products usually have a note in the description that mentions this.
6. Holidays - We are closed for all USA holidays. We are closed for quite a few days around Christmas and New Years, so this will delay orders going out during those times. In the beginning of January, there can also be a delay as we catch up on order fulfillment.

"Call for Quote"
If you receive a shipping quote that says "Call for Quote," it means that because your order is over 5,000 lbs., we will have to get your shipping quote manually. Please call us at 888-252-6284, and we will get your quote and enable you to continue with your purchase. We apologize for the inconvenience, this is a limitation imposed by our carrier.

Hazmat Shipments
There is an additional charge for Hazmat shipments sent through UPS. Currently that charge is $38 per package. Your shopping cart will automatically add this into the shipping price.

International Shipments
We can ship overseas, and we will do our best to get products delivered around the world. We will accept credit cards for international orders under $500, and these will only ship using the customer's UPS account. For international orders over $500 we only accept wire transfer or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum) for payment. We can ship air, ground, or ocean freight.

Why are our UPS Shipping Prices so Expensive?
We apologize that our UPS prices are so expensive for some people, there are a few reasons for this:
  • Many of our products are liquid or powder products that are very heavy, therefore UPS shipping is more than what people are used to paying for sending smaller, lighter-weight, consumer packages.
  • Most of our products are shipped from one single location in the USA, so the further out the destination is, the more UPS charges.
  • For customers living in areas that are considered "extended service areas" or "residential," UPS adds on an extra charge. This is why sometimes the zip code shipping estimator in our shopping cart does not match the final quote once the full address is entered.
  • For orders under $35, UPS price quotes are exactly what we pay. For orders over $35, we currently discount that UPS rate at 35%.
We hope to offer better UPS prices in the future.

3rd Party UPS Billing
We have an option in our shopping cart to choose "Bill to 3rd Party UPS Account" where customers can enter their UPS account number to have the shipping charges bill to their account. This can save you money if your organization gets high volume discounts from UPS. Be aware that our UPS quotes are discounted also, so you may only want to take advantage of this option if you get a really good discount on your account.

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