F-Matic Gel Air Tags Cucumber Melon, case of 48


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Product Description

Our slim design, and loop hanger make it easy to discreetly place the GelAir Hang Tag just about anywhere! Use the loop to in places like under a desk, on your door handle or inside trash cans. It's perfect for those small areas that can easily retain odors such as inside cupboards, behind the toilet, on the trash can lid, even closets and cars!

Product Description
- Permeated with our most popular premium F-Matic fragrances
- Utilizes enzymes to continuously fight odors
- Design adaptable to any place a fresh scent is desired, such as closets, restrooms, drawers, cars, etc.
- Versatile placement: Convenient loop for hanging to stick it anywhere you need to combat odors
- No risk of spills
- The green choice! Helps keep batteries and toxic chemicals out of landfills and waterways. Recyclable.
- Works effectively for up to 30 days
- Resistant to high temperatures. Effective in environments up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit

Cucumber Melon - Crisp, green cucumber, juicy cantaloupe, and cool watermelon dotted with essences of rose and strawberry leaves create an invigorating yet subtle scent. Perfect for spaces where fragrance sensitivity is an issue.
  • Model: FM AW150

F-Matic Gel Air Tags Cucumber Melon, case of 48

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