F-Matic Twist Lavender Morning, case of 48


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The F-Matic Passive Air System has a NEW Twist! Using the same premium fragrances as our previous passive air fresheners, we designed a cartridge that is spill-resistant after activation. Twist activation is nearly effortless with our patented two-step twist and click execution, an audible CLICK signaling that the cartridge is activated and sealed against leakage. The Twist utilizes our reliable, gravity-fueled system that never requires batteries, fuel cells or any other artificial means of power to neutralize odors in up to 6,000 cubic feet of space for a full 60 days.

Lavender Morning - Heady lavender, woody rosemary, and velvety basil are accentuated with zesty citrus to compose our Lavender Morning fragrance. This restorative herbal scent is therapeutic and calming while effectively eliminating offensive odors.

Equipped with an odor counteractant system, Twist fragrances, enhanced by Odouraze patent technology, eliminate odors at their source. With minimal residue on the wick, these premium fragrances go beyond masking, providing effective and long-lasting freshness. Best used in areas with optimal airflow and away from direct ventilation intake systems.

Size: 1.62 oz 48 mL
Case of 48 refills
  • Model: FM TW950

F-Matic Twist Lavender Morning, case of 48

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