F-Matic Nutra Odor 4oz, case of 4


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Product Description

CRUSH bad odors into dust with NutraOdor! Like an iron fist, it destroys bad smells in its path and smooths them over again with a fresh grapefruit zest. Indeed, cleanliness is next to godliness.

NutraOdor is biodegradable and bacteria-free. Its powerful bio-enzymatic compound breaks down and eliminates the most powerful odors and leaves behind a refreshing grapefruit scent. Safe for healthcare use.

Effective on ALL organic odors:

- Fecal matter
- Urine
- Vomit
- Pet accidents
- Garbage
- Mildew
- Smoke
- & More!

How It Works: NutraOdor contains only pure, natural enzymes from barley and molesses. These natural enzymes induce biocatalyctic action, changing the molecular structure of odor into water and carbon dioxide.

Instructions: Fill gallon jug to base of handle with clear water. Add entire contents of 4 oz. super concentrated NutraOdor to gallon container. Replace cap and shake gently to mix. Add product container. Replace cap and shake gently to mix. Add product to clean spray bottle or to any container intended for application. Spot test in an inconspicuous area before using. Spray directly on odor-causing substance, covering entire surface. Wipe away any bulk, spray again, and blot dry.

Note: Not a fragrance product. For room air freshening, use F-Matic 60 day passive air freshening system, AquaScent, or BioFresh.

For maximum effectiveness, store below 125 degrees F
  • Model: FM SS89

F-Matic Nutra Odor 4oz, case of 4

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