Eliminator Instant Odor Counteractant And Drain Line Maintainer, 5 Gallon Pail


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Eliminator (Instant Odor Counteractant And Drain Line Maintainer), 5 Gallon Pail

Liquid bacteria with free enzymes for quick, continuous action. Extra strength. This highly versatile, natural odor
digestant is a synergistic blend of specially bred enzyme/ bacteria (CAS Proprietary) cultures that organically
digests and actually eliminates the source of odors.

- Uric acid stains, solid organic waste, grease, fat, hair, detergents, and other waste are eliminated nature's way with no environmental harm.
- Great for pet and human malodors, kennels, grease traps, drain lines, septic tanks, waste receptacles, sewage treatments, RVs, marine holding tanks, porta-lets and laundry stains.
- Removes odors and stains at the source instead of just masking them.
- Neutral pH, non-acid, non-alkaline.
- 100% active organic ingredient. Certified Salmonella free.
- Easy to use and apply to all inanimate surfaces.

- Physical Form: Opaque Liquid
- Color/Scent: White/Spice
- Specific Gravity: 0.99
- Foam Test As Is: Initial-175 mm, 5 minutes - 135 mm
- pH Solution As Is : 7.3
- Bacteria : 400 Billion per Gallon
- Total Solids: 3.2%

Uric Acid Odors And Pet Stains: Remove solid matter, if any, from soiled, stained, or odorous area. Spray product directly onto same area. For carpeted areas, cover treated area with a damp terry towel and leave for several hours (overnight if possible). This will allow Eliminator to remain active for a longer period of time, to insure complete removal of stain and odor. If colorfastness of fabric or carpet is in question, test in a small inconspicuous area.

Refuse Containers/Trash Bins, Etc: Simply spray in base of container when emptied. Digests organic wastes and completely neutralizes malodors. Laundry Stains: Spray onto stains...digests protein, blood and other stains.

Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemical
  • Model: Warsaw 63005-0000005

Eliminator Instant Odor Counteractant And Drain Line Maintainer, 5 Gallon Pail

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