AE1200 Aroma Diffusers


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Product Description

The AE1200 is a modern aroma diffuser with Bluetooth Control. This package includes an empty 60mL fragrance bottle.

- Bluetooth Programmable via Air Esscentials 2.0 App
- LED Color Changing Lights
- Stand-Alone
- White Ceramic & Scratch Resistant Plastic
- Capacity: 60mL Fragrance Bottle (Not Included)

Power, Weight & Dimensions
- Power: 5W (Power Cable Included) 12V
- Weight: 2lbs (0.9kg)
- Unit Size: 4.3" (10.8cm)L x 4.3" (10.8cm)W x 11.02" (28cm)H

Scent Coverage
~1,200 sq. ft. (111.5m2)

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Please Note: Do not flip over with oil in scent system. Do not place fragrance bottles or caps directly on wood or finished surface.
  • Model: AIR AE1200

AE1200 Aroma Diffusers

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