Bug Off Bug Remover & Windshield Cleaner, Case of 4 Gallons


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Bug Off Bug Remover & Windshield Cleaner, Case of 4 Gallon

Super concentrated liquid windshield cleaner for use at service station islands in non-freezing weather. One gallon makes up to 128 gallons of ready-to-use windshield cleaner.

- One gallon makes 128 gallons of windshield washing solution.
- Removes bugs, tree sap, dirt, road film.
- Contains chelating agent and a special surfactant which cleans windshields, windows, and brightwork quickly, efficiently, economically.
- Excellent for cleaning all windows. Leaves no film, no streaks, no smears.
- No offensive ammonia smell.

- Physical Form: Clear Liquid
- Color: Purple
- Scent: Neutral
- Specific Gravity: 0.996
- Density: 8.29 lbs. per gallon
- Foam Test 1% : 125 mm
- pH 2% : 7.0
- Active Alkalinity: 0.2
- Total Alkalinity: 0.25
- Total Solids: 5.25%

Simply add 1 fl. oz. of cleaner to 1 gallon of water for sparkling clean windows.
Soak sponge in a 128-to-1 cleaning solution. Apply to windshield. Scrub bugs, tree sap, dirt, and road film using a sponge or paper towel.

If you like, polish the glass with a towel. Wipe brightwork dry. Change solution at least daily. Rinse out bug sponge thoroughly before using for the first time.
For use in a sprayer flask: Cover bottom of the flask with 1 / 16" cleaner then fill with water.

Always dilute before using.

Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemical
  • Model: Warsaw 20209-0000004

Bug Off Bug Remover & Windshield Cleaner, Case of 4 Gallons

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