Dynamite Premium Truck & Trailer Wash, 5 Gallon Pail


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Dynamite Premium Truck $ Trailer Wash, 5 Gallon Pail

A highly concentrated liquid truck and trailer wash formulated to remove heavy soils from painted vehicle surfaces in one application. Formulated with a perfectly balanced blend of alkaline builders, detergents, water softeners, and wetting agents.

- Extremely versatile. Can be used as both a high pressure detergent and a low pressure pre-soak in a wide variety of wash systems.
- Cleans thoroughly. Removes exhaust deposits, road film, and bug residues, in most cases without the need for manual brushing.
- Economical. Can be diluted with 40 parts water for heavy-duty cleaning.
- Rinses completely leaving a film free surface.
- Contains no phosphates, caustics, acids, or solvents.

- Physical Form: Clear Liquid
- Color: Yellow
- Scent: Odorless
- Specific Gravity: 1.05
- Density: 8.78 lbs. per gallon
- pH Conc.: 12.0 +-.5
- Total Solids: 25%+-.5

Mix 1 part Dynamite with 40 parts water for removal Of heavy soils without brushing. Mix 1 part Dynamite with up to 150 parts water for light soils or to use with brushing. Dynamite will perform in cold water situations, however hot water will greatly improve its performance.

Pressure Washing:
1 . Apply diluted product from bottom to top to avoid streaking. Allow product dwell time, being careful not to allow it to dry on surface.
2. Rinse thoroughly with high-pressure water, working from top to bottom. Hold pressure nozzle approximately 12" from vehicle surface.

Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemical
  • Model: Warsaw 60193-0000005

Dynamite Premium Truck & Trailer Wash, 5 Gallon Pail

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