Super-Cling Bathroom Cleaner, case of 12 quarts


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Power Bowl Super-Cling Bathroom Cleaner, case of 12 quarts (06 SBC)

Clean and deodorize restroom fixtures with Power Bowl Super-Cling Bathroom Cleaner. This aggressive acid bathroom cleaner prevents odors and leaves a pleasant almond fragrance, making it perfect for use in both home and office bathrooms. Power Bowl Super-Cling Bathroom Cleaner contains 15% phosphoric acid. It will not harm plumbing or septic tanks. Regular use will maintain a sparkling white appearance in toilet bowls. Apply to cleaning surface, allow dwell time, and wipe away with microfiber cloth or bowl swab. Personal Protective Equipment is recommended.

Ideal for basins, tubs, tiles, and toilet bowls.

Contains phosphoric acid; created by heating phosphonic acid, a colorless to pale-yellow deliquescent crystalline solid. Phosphonic acid is dibasic and has moderate reducing properties.

Power Bowl Super-Cling Bathroom Cleaner is a ready-to-use cleaner that works as both a cleaner and deodorizer. It has been premixed in exacting proportions during manufacturing, so you never have to measure or mix, or risk using a solution that's too strong to be safe or too weak to be effective. Ready-to-use products allow you to use the exact amount you need, thereby minimizing waste.

Phosphate free.

This item is classified as a Hazardous Material. Additional shipping fees will apply.

pH: <1
COLOR: Clear Pink
ODOR: Almond

12/1 qt (case)
Pallet of 36 (qty), 12/1 quart cases (adds 3-5 days)

MSDS sheet available after purchase.

  • Model: 06 SBC
  • FLS

Super-Cling Bathroom Cleaner, case of 12 quarts

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