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SQ 3863 38 x 63 - Clear Super Heavy

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SQ 3863 38 x 63 Clear Super Heavy

3 mil. LLD (Clear)

SQ 3863 38 x 63 Clear Super Heavy can liners can be used in a variety of environments including homes, office buildings, schools, restaurants, and other public buildings. Collect various types of garbage with SQ 3863 38 x 63 Clear Super Heavy including dry, sharp or jagged, paper, and other forms of debris.

Linear Low Density (LLD):
These can liners offer high tear and stretch resistance. Linear Low Density resin is the most commonly used resin within the industry.

Ideal for collecting garbage that may contain sharp or jagged edges.

Linear Low Density bags are measured in terms of Mil thickness. Mil is equal to one-thousandths of an inch. LLD Can liners range between .35 to 4.0 mil. SQ 3863 38 x 63 Clear Super Heavy is 3 mil.

50 Flat Pack (case)

Model#: SQ 3863
Shipping Weight: 22lbs (case)
  • Model: SQ 3863
  • FLS

SQ 3863 38 x 63 - Clear Super Heavy

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