Beta D3303, 3 pumps, with full installation kit and 2 internal transformers


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Product Description

D3303, 3 pumps with 1/4"T noroprene detergent, 1/8"T flex rinse tube fittings, with full installation kit and 2 internal transformers.

D3000 can dose detergent based on conductivity (probe mode), pump run time (timed mode) or speed mode (proportional) both of which are probe less. Its unique features that provide superior warewashing results with tight control of product usage and is designed to reduce installation and maintenance time.

D3000 makes for easy use. Configuration and interrogation can be accomplished via the hand-held Uniview programmer or the it can be configured to be set up using potentiometers. This is appropriate when an easier installation is required or for distributors who do not have access to the Uniview. The self-learning detergent feed algorithm maintains detergent set point while PulseDrive conductivity measurement circuit resists effects of probe scaling. Initial detergent charge triggered by rinse duration provides good results in probeless mode while Variable rinse speed and timed options provide spot free dishware. A low level alarm input option ensures customers promptly replaces empty product containers while the optional temperature compensation system guarantees the right wash and rinse temperatures.

- Flexible Configuration
- Ease of Installation
- Simple to Maintain
- Easy to Program
- Optional third pump
  • Model: BETA 1209565

Beta D3303, 3 pumps, with full installation kit and 2 internal transformers

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