Beta L5000XL 2, 2000 Series & 4, 600 Series


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L5000XL 2, 2000 Series & 4, 600 Series

L5000 XL doses large washer extractors and CBW/ tunnels cost effectively. Can combine up to 8 large or medium pumps and run them simultaneously. Can operate also in programmer-less Smart Relay Mode, and retrofit data logging. Simplified installation and low maintenance requirements help reduce operating costs.

XL features simple volumetric programming, copy and clone functions, easy calibration, Automatic Formula Selection (AFS) and dose verification. Laundries value Beta Technology's famous reliability and XL's 16 name-selectable formulas. XL's thermal hygiene alarm offers healthcare accounts a unique hygiene compliance service. Bolster consistent results with XL's low product alarm input.

L5000 XL has 6 dosing modes: Smart Relay, Formula, Sequence, Latched and TAFS. Automatic Formula Selection (AFS) is available in Latched mode. In Continuous Batch Washer applications, all 8 pumps can run simultaneously.

- Reduces installation and training time
- Reduces maintenance
- Fewer trouble calls
- PC-software compatibility
- Simplifies formula reconfiguration when replacing other dispensers
- Formula Selector/Programmer features 16
-character alphanumeric LCD display
- Supports English, Portuguese, French-Canadian, Finnish, Turkish, French, Japanese, German, and Spanish.
- If remote formula selection is not required, the programmer can be removed after installation is complete.
L5000 XL's cloning ability eliminates repetitive data entry. Storing a master program on a separate programmer, ensures rapid future installations.
  • Model: BETA 1201458

Beta L5000XL 2, 2000 Series & 4, 600 Series

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