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DEMA 900-DS4, Concentrated Doorway Compressed Air Foamer System


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DEMA Concentrated Doorway Compressed Air Foamer System

The 900-DS4 Doorway sanitizer operates with chemical concentrate and water. This foaming system allows the control box to be mounted up to 150 feet away from the spray tip assembly. The foam enhancing nozzle is constructed of Stainless Steel and produces large amounts of foam. This allows for shorter run times and a larger foam coverage area. The 900-DS4 can operate up to three nozzle assemblies simultaneously.

- Draws from chemical concentrate.
- 12'x5' potential area coverage
- Fiberglass locking hinged box
- All Stainless Steel foam enhancer assembly
  • Model: 900.DS4

DEMA 900-DS4, Concentrated Doorway Compressed Air Foamer System

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