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DEMA Blend Safe II, 1 Bucket Fill, 4 Chemicals


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DEMA Blend Safe II, 1 Bucket Fill, 4 Chemicals

Blend Safe II Dial-A-Blend systems have single and dual fill ports for 1-8 products for bottle fill, bucket fill or both bottle and bucket fill. Single units are bottle or bucket fill and have a selector for up to 4 products or dilutions. Dual units can be either bottle fill, bucket fill or both and have 1-2 selectors for up to 8 products or dilutions.
Flow rate for each port is either low flow, 1 gpm (4L / min.) for bottle filling or high flow, 4 gpm (15 L / min.) for bucket filling. Bottle filling is activated with a positive ON/OFF push button and bucket filling has an optional LOCK ON fill feature. Units are available with DEMA Action Gap or Air Gap back flow preventers and with or without locking enclosures.
- Optional 1 gallon (5L) locking enclosures with built in hinges and drip tray
  • Model: 66.150GAP.2

DEMA Blend Safe II, 1 Bucket Fill, 4 Chemicals

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