DEMA Supersink Single Action AG - 2JG Complete


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Product Description

DEMA Supersink Dual Product Dispenser, action gap, John Guest hot/cold inlets

The sleek, rounded-edge, stainless steel dispenser functions like a ball valve dispenser but without the many common service-call related issues. Using our PVA water valve design, we have developed a low profile sink dispenser ready for the most demanding kitchen environments.

Designed with DEMA FloRite technology, SuperSink provides dilution confidence in your detergents and sanitizers regardless of typical water pressure fluctuations. It's loaded with features like quick access cover, plug-n-play water valve components, positive on/off activation, an integrated hose strain relief, and accepts common water inlet options: garden hose thread, compression, and John Guest fittings.

- Sleek modern appearance great for open-air kitchens - Durability of stainless steel with rounded edges found in molded designs
- Unique pilot activated water valve has superior performance to ball valves
- Easier to install and service with quick access cover and plug-n-play components
- Superior user features with easy-grip valve activation
- Designed to eliminate common accidental misuse with positive on/off water valve
- Can be equipped with DEMA FloRite technology
- Dual has optional two water feeds to control water temperature for detergent and sanitizer separately
- Branding and chemical label area maximized for correct product selection and training
- Accepts any common water inlet configuration including garden hose thread, compression, and push-on quick connect fittings

Model No.* No. of Chemicals Fitting / Configuration
SS651GAP 1 Garden Hose Thread
SS651GAP.JG 1 John Guest
SS651GAP.1M 1 Compression
SS652GAP 2 Garden Hose Thread
SS652GAP.JG 2 John Guest
SS652GAP.CF 2 Compression
SS652GAP.2JG 2 John Guest | Hot/Cold Inlets
SS652GAP.2M 2 Compression | Hot/Cold Inlets
  • Model: SS652AG.2JG

DEMA Supersink Single Action AG - 2JG Complete

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