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DEMA Low Level Alarm Sensor, 3/8 JG Fittings for 3/8" Tubing


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DEMA Low Level Alarm Sensor, 3/8 JG Fittings for 3/8" Tubing

DEMA's most recent "out of product" sensor uses a unique conductivity sensing design. The sensor recognizes the presence of liquid media using conductivity but without direct exposed metal tips or probes. Instead the design uses conductive plastic which has been engineered into the body of the sensor. This design offers good chemical compatibility, thus eliminating issues with traditional metal tip conductivity sensing. As with previous DEMA sensors these sensors can be installed directly on the inlet side of the pump using "push on" fittings or barb connections. The sensors can be electrically connected to a Titan or Nitro ware wash system without any further programming or setup required. Additionally, DEMA offers a Low Level Module that will accommodate the new sensors as well. The Low Level Module can be coupled with an Atlas or V-Line laundry system or be a standalone module for laundry, dairy, and other industrial applications.
  • Model: 84.65.65

DEMA Low Level Alarm Sensor, 3/8 JG Fittings for 3/8" Tubing

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