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DEMA Rocket Injector, Dual Barb, Red, 1.1gpm (221.057)


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DEMA Rocket Injector, Dual Barb, Red, 1.1gpm (221.057)

The Rocket injector was designed to be the most versatile venturi injector in the marketplace. A superior design that can handle any task you throw at it. Designed to be serviceable and designed to be injectors for a lifetime and not a season. The Rocket is the most efficient competitive injector, with the lowest pressure loss amongst competitive units, delivering more pressure for any application. It enables cleaning at greater pressure while consuming less chemicals. It's effortless to repair. With the use of a removable nozzle and metering barb, it makes maintenance and repair extremely simple, extending the life of the injector and reducing the cost of ownership. It has the greatest range of any injector on the market. It leads the industry by running the breadth of operating pressures and by covering the extreme range of dilution ratios.

Rocket is made up of premium components allowing it to handle any chemical you use. With 316 Stainless Steel body for external durability and polypropylene molded internal body for chemical durability, the injector can take aggressive chemicals and keep working like brand new. Serviceable components such as the nozzle and metering barb allow you to keep pumping the right amount of chemical each and every use, minimizing down time and improving your bottom line.

The Rocket injector, by DEMA. Providing better performance as the most versatile injector on the market lowering your total cost of ownership.

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  • Model: 221.057

DEMA Rocket Injector, Dual Barb, Red, 1.1gpm (221.057)

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