Hydro Systems Accumini, E-Gap, Hi Flow 3.5gpm


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Product Description

One of the smallest footprint chemical dispensers available today, AccuMini delivers the reliability of AccuMax in an easy to fit solution. The modular and reliable AccuMini, features Hydro System's patented AccuPro Pressure Regulation Technology enabling 95% accurate dilution control for facility cleaning, kitchen and healthcare applications. AccuPro eliminates dilution variance and ensures accurate disbursement of chemical dosage needed, for water pressures low and high.

AccuMini fits into space constrained closets and corners while still delivering the precision needed to fill spray bottles, buckets or other large containers. The new one touch button-lock fills containers hands free. Directly incorporate brand image and chemical identifiers with the variety of button colors available.

Requiring no additional accessories to daisy chain multiple dispensers means chemical connections are expanded easily and need no extra space. Reduce inventories and SKUs with AccuMini's three-part construction.  Fewer parts means less parts to maintain. 

Save time - leave the dispenser on the wall - and do easy repairs with tool free access to internal components. Hydro's next-gen Swivel AirGap or standard E-gap eductors provide backflow protection and meet ASSE 1055B regulations. 

O-ring seals allow water inlet swap with seal tight trust. The sleek and modular AccuMini is the solution to space saving needs. Compatible with RiteConnect closed loop system.

Accumini Features

 - Modular, reliable design is among the smallest footprint and narrowest dispensers available 
 - No additional accessories needed to daisy chain and no additional space needed to allow for them 
 - Single-touch button operation 
 - Button lock is standard for both high flow (HF) and low flow (LF) options 
 - Intuitive and ergonomic button design for quick fill and multitasking needs 
 - Button colors: Blue (standard), Black, Grey, Green and Red* 
 - Large display area for branding and chemical name labeling 
 - Simplified installation and accounting 
 - Three main components: cabinet, button and water valve manifold 
 - Fewer parts to stock and inventory, fewer parts to maintain 
 - Keyhole and slotted screw holes allow easier installation and screw placement  - Tool-free maintenance for disassembly and reassembly 
- Easy water inlet swap with O-ring seal dependability
- 1 GPM or 3.5 GPM flow rate configurations 
- Water connectivity types: garden hose, included. Brass compression, quick connect push-on, and hose barb fittings possible with additional accessories, not included. (retail) 
 - E-Gap and Swivel AirGap eliminates need for backflow prevention device; meets ASSE 1055B regulations 
 - Compatible with RiteConnect closed loop system 

 - Patented pressure regulating technology 
 - Eliminates dilution variance 
 - Hydro Systems' dilution tips prove 95% accuracy 
 - Prevents water-to-chemical ratio to "lean out" Eco-awareness 
 - 46% less material than AccuMax 
 - 44% smaller footprint than AccuMax 
 - QR code user manual directly on device reduces paper and storage 
 - Swivel AirGap: Reduced material HF 42%, LF 32%; Reduced size HF 40%, LF 34%** 

Available in 2 types of Eductors  
 - E-Gap Hydro's E-Gap eductors provide backflow protection through use of an elastomeric sleeve (ASSE 1055B Approved). 
 - Swivel AirGap – Swivel joint for better access. Swivel AirGap allows flexible orientation for chemical inlet tube connectivity and uses a one-inch gap of air between the water source and the chemical inlet to provide backflow protection (ASSE 1055B Approved).

* Minimum order quantity may be required. 
** Compared to last model AirGap.

  • Model: HYD-AMI-HEB

Hydro Systems Accumini, E-Gap, Hi Flow 3.5gpm

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