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Hydro Systems AutoDose 1170


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***Please note this item has a 1-3 day handling time***

Hydro Systems AutoDose 1170

Superior design for optimum performance and ease of use
Maintain your drains with little day-to-day effort by using the AutoDose. The AutoDose gives you the freedom to program when you want to clean your drains. It will pump the chemicals when you tell it to. With a wall mount and bucket mount model and multiple powering options, it will fit where you need it. Flexible programming capabilities such as timers can turn the pump on and off to ensure the regular dosing of chemicals.

The AutoDose line of dispensers allows the user to dose:

Cooling towers
Lubrication systems
And more!
The AutoDose has battery or AC powered operations to suit specific needs. Batteries in AutoDose systems will power Hydro’s patented pump for up to 40 running hours when alkaline batteries are used. The Hydro pump is designed specifically to extend battery life, reducing the frequency of battery replacement. The AutoDose eliminates the chance for human error and can greatly enhance the performance of the treatment product.

AutoDose Features & Benefits:
Maximum flexibility for customized dosing
Choice of days, time (AM or PM) and dosings (in one ounce or 30 ml increments)
Up to 24 dosing periods per 24 hours
Capability to dose every day, or just on specific days
  • Model: HS 1170
  • FLS

Hydro Systems AutoDose 1170

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