Hydro Systems HydroMinder 502


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***Please note this item can have a 3-5 day handling time***

HydroMinder 502

The 502 comes with a mounting bracket, NO water inlet fittings, and has a 6.8 gpm flow rate.

For more info see: https://hydrosystemsco.com/product/hydrominder/

Perfect For:
- Vehicle wash
- On-site dilution
- Batch make-up HydroMinder has been the industry standard for liquid level maintenance for over 20 years.

Keep any reservoir filled with consistently mixed solution. When the solution level in a reservoir drops, the HydroMinders float opens a non-electric, magnetic valve. The flow of water siphons liquid concentrate into the water stream automatically maintaining the level of ready-to-use solution.

- HydroMinder units use water power, no electricity required
- Built with high quality, chemically resistant materials
- Economical, easy to operate and maintain
- Better chemical performance

  • Model: HS 502

Hydro Systems HydroMinder 502

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