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Hydro Systems WorldChem 958


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***Please note this item has a 1-3 day handling time***

Hydro Systems WorldChem 958

WorldChem 958

- Single Product

- Eductor Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM (10 lpm)

- Rinse Flow Rate: 4.5 GPM (18 lpm)

- Approximate Dilution Range 380:1 Maximum and 8:1 Minimum

The WorldChem cleaning and sanitation system automatically

dilutes and dispenses concentrated cleaning products in a

foaming and/or spraying mode. Models for dispensing one or two

products are available, both providing full volume rinse.

- Total System Design concept delivers superior performance at lowest cost.

- Patented selector valve eliminates need for multiple ball valves, lowers costs,

and simplifies operation.

- Specially designed eductors require less water to operate, delivering better

performance against the back pressure of long discharge hoses and spray nozzles.

- 4.5 GPM (18 lpm) rinse function provides full flow rinse for quick, effective rinsing.

- Molded components are resistant to chemical attack and hard water deposits.

- Integrated hose rack eliminates need for separate, costly hose hanger.

- Easily understandable icons replace words to allow proper use by all workers,

regardless of language.

- System delivers effective performance with water up to 160
  • Model: HS 958
  • FLS

Hydro Systems WorldChem 958

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