Hydro Systems Satellite Foamer 5824


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***Please note this item can have a 3-5 day handling time***

Hydro Systems Satellite Foamer 5824 Satellite Foamer 5824
- Initial container position set-up for round containers.
- Flow Rate: 2 GPM
- Approximate Dilution Range Maximum 280:1 and Minimum 7:1

The Satellite Sprayer/Foamer delivers the economy and flexibility of the Satellite series in a versatile and convenient foaming, spraying, and rinsing system. The Satellite Series offers foaming, spraying and rinsing functions in one device. Choose either the foaming or spraying nozzles to apply a rich foam or spraying solution (e.g. sanitizer) then disengage the chemical supply for rinsing using the integrated switch- to-rinse toggle. Unbeatable versatility, choose from either the foaming or spraying nozzles.

- Easily select either a wide-angle spraying pattern or powerful jet-stream simply by rotating the rinse-pattern selector.
- Mobile: Take it anywhere! It goes anywhere you can find water and carry your chemical container!
- Includes Patented AccuPro Pressure Regulation. Technology: No more fluctuating dilution rates as water pressure varies
- your dilution rate is always consistent, across a wide range of pressures.
- Handy On/Off trigger: Easy to operate with one handConvenient locking button: Activate the Satellite with the On/Off trigger, then lock it in the
  • Model: HS 5824

Hydro Systems Satellite Foamer 5824

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