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Hydro Systems Satellite Sprayer 5845


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***Please note this item has a 1-3 day handling time***

Hydro Systems Satellite Sprayer 5845

Satellite Sprayer 5845

- Satellite F style, rite connect

- Flow Rate 3.5 GPM

- Approximate Dilution Range Maximum 300:1 and Minimum 10:1

The Satellite mobile dispensing system offers a low-cost, portable means of accurately diluting concentrated cleaning products for use in mop buckets, sinks,

auto scrubbers, tanks, and other containers.

The Hydro Satellite Series features:

- Handy On/Off trigger: Easy to operate with one hand, no matter how large or small your hands are.

- Convenient locking button: Activate the Satellite with the On/Off trigger, then lock it in the
  • Model: HS 5845

Hydro Systems Satellite Sprayer 5845

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